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Pilates Instructors

Our team of Pilates instructors teach Reformer and Mat Pilates.

Jessica Mason

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Maddison Clark

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Alexandra Grounds

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Nicole Yap

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Megan Asadi Eskandar

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Alinta Haydock-Burton

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Class Types

Reformer Pilates classes are inclusive for all levels. Choose the class style based on how you want to move.
With a small group 6 reformers, our instructors will tailor classes to suit your body.

Open Reformer Pilates

Practice the foundations of Pilates
Move your whole body

If you are new to Reformer Pilates or want to spend time practising the foundations, this is the class for you. Open classes are designed for a nurturing, full body workout. With all the components of a complete Pilates practice – strength, mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility – this class will help you move easily and feel good. Get to know your body more and finish the class feeling connected and empowered.

Active Reformer Pilates

Beginners welcome
Progress your Pilates practice
Keep flowing and moving

Active classes are great for solidifying the foundations and building on them. You will perform strengthening and endurance exercises in continuous layers, coupled with balance and coordination exercises. Active classes will encourage you to stay in your own ‘state of flow’ and take movement into your own hands. This will allow you to learn more skills to add to your repertoire. You will feel rejuvenated, stronger and uplifted.

Max Reformer Pilates (Returning Soon)

High intensity full body workout
Compound movements
More fun & lots of sweat!

Go go go. Max classes make you work at your maximum. Less technical stuff, more fun and lots of sweat. It will test your mental resilience, build your stamina and boost your fitness. This class will utilise compound movements and high intensity flows, for you to dig deep and give every last ounce of energy. There is nothing quite like a full body workout where you will be left feeling powerful, exhilarated and wanting more.

Mat Pilates classes are inclusive for all levels. These classes are conducted in the Yoga studio.

Mat Pilates (Returning Soon)

All levels welcome
Full body workout and conditioning
Reap the benefits in daily life

Mat Pilates exercise forms the basis of the system for traditional Pilates. You will use your bodyweight to target specific muscle groups and areas of your body, including your core. Also learn to fully control your body, and equipment and props will be implemented to cater for all levels. Feel yourself get stronger every week and reap the benefits in your daily life.

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Below is a list of FAQs for Pilates. Click the button for a full list or contact us.

Full List of FAQS

Pilates FAQs

What class should I start with?

Beginner Reformer Pilates classes are perfect for those who are new to Pilates. Our low class numbers make it easy for our instructors to supervise you if you need a bit more help.

What do I need to know for my first class?

What to wear. Bring socks to wear while using the reformer. Wear clothing that allows you to move easily and comfortably. You will be taking your shoes off in the reformer pilates studio.

What to Bring. Your own yoga mat (if you have one otherwise you can hire one) and a drink bottle (if you wish).

Other general information regarding our location and parking can be found by clicking here.

How long are Pilates classes?

Pilates classes run for a total 50 minutes. This includes a warm up and cool down.

What is the difference Beginner and Intermediate Pilates?

Beginner Reformer Pilates classes will teach you the foundational movements and give you the body conditioning to participate in higher levels of exercise. Intermediate classes are more dynamic and challenge the body in all different planes of movement.

Can I attend class if I have an injury?

It is always best to seek appropriate medical advice prior to attending a class; however we understand that pilates and yoga when used correctly can be beneficial for your recovery.

Our classes are not run by physiotherapists, nor are they clinical. The instructions given by the class teacher is not a substitute for medical advice. Therefore if you have a condition where medical or allied health attention is needed, please provide an appropriate medical certificate before attending class.

Many of us are managing chronic conditions where we are able to self-manage the condition, including during the pilates or yoga class. In this case, we would still prefer that you provide an appropriate medical certificate before attending class, and also let the teacher or instructor know of you conditions so they can offer suggestions on how to modify the class or program for you.

Finally, please note our terms and conditions.

Is yoga/pilates appropriate for my mum or dad?

Absolutely! The gift of health is priceless. Our Beginner Reformer Pilates and Slow Flow Yoga classes are great for people who want to try out Pilates and Yoga.

Even better - you can come with your mum or dad!